What do you get for the person who has everything...?

...How about some freedom?

As the season of Goodwill to all approaches, I am seizing this opportunity to launch the new fundraising project for Circus Kathmandu.

As many of you may recall Circus Kathmandu are an incredible group of young people from Nepal, most of whom were sold into circuses in India as children, or rescued from street gangs. These amazing young people with help, formed a new life, where they took charge of their own destinies and their own choices. They want to continue performing, using the skills that they have spent their whole lives training for. They formed Circus Kathmandu and now wish to use this as a platform from which they can spread awareness about human abuse, child brutality, human trafficking and modern day slavery.

I had the amazing opportunity of travelling to Nepal and had the honour of working with Circus Kathmandu earlier this year. I helped them train and develop their skills in both performance and presentation, they were able to work together to refine their show to international standards. Funds were raised (and you Twitter lot were just incredible) and incredibly we manage to bring them over to the UK to perform at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts this year - where each show was met by a standing ovation, and many tears of joy.

They are now back in Nepal. However just like any fledgling company, in order to advance, they need investment.

This season, whilst scratching your head, wondering perhaps what you could give to that member of your family you see only once a year, or what you could place in your office secret Santa, you could instead donate a present intended for someone who already has everything, by helping with a donation to keep Circus Kathmandu going, and allowing these young people their liberty.

You could donate as an individual or as a business.

Not only would you show some Christmas spirit but demonstrate the spirit of your organisation.

Just as you hope to advance in 2015, please help Circus Kathmandu look forward to a future too.

If there is one thing you could give this Christmas, please let it be hope.

Donations can be made here:

or you can send donations via paypal directly to info [at] circuskathmandu [dot] com