All Lives Matter

When is a race issue not a race issue? When it's not affecting you.

According to a lot of Twitter.

I have been watching with horror over the last few weeks the bubbling undercurrent of "well intentioned" white folk trying to jump on issues like Ferguson and now Eric Garner's murder to the cries of "this isn't about black or white, this is about people" which could be summed up by the excruciating ignorance of #AllLivesMatter.

Defeating Youtube Terrorism

They will eventually find Mr Beheader, as I'm sure he'd be delighted to be known, as he seems hell-bent on cultivating Terrorist Executions Big Brother Style.

And when they do, they'll probably wipe him out immediately, leaving space for one of his pals to come up with another hate-filled idea for the Terrorist Diary Room.

The Tiniest Things

I said "Hi" to the kids on my road, as I do every day and had five minutes to sit and chat with them today. A rare treat.
"Do you know what?" Said one of them.
"No!" I answered in faux shock "Tell me!"
"It was my birthday this week." She replied.
"And what did you do?" I asked.
She went silent.
"Did you get any nice presents?" I asked.
"My cousin made me a braclet" she said, pointing to jumble of loom bands proudly adorning her wrist.
"And did you have any cake?" I asked and she went silent again.

The Fall

Today smells like the memories of summer
consolidating and finding their way home to their instigators.
To gather in their arms
and keep souls warm for winter.

On Looting

The looting in the Ferguson suits the media and the police just fine.

It changes the narrative from the devastated community to the wild angry mob they seek to portray. This is the juncture many people will choose to lose connection with the pain of the town.

So I wanted to propose a scenario to you:

You're angry with your bank, they've been threatening to withdraw your overdraft, they always charge you ridiculous rates every time they send you a letter and don't even start on the bail outs…

I doth protest

Don't go on a demonstration against conflict and then come and bitch to me about how much you hate that bloke at work.

Marching against war isn't enough. We need to take actions towards peace.

Go and build a bridge with that person you know you've wronged. Open the door to an apology to someone you feel has wronged you. Because if you can't do that, how do you expect someone to forgive someone else for murdering their family?

March. For God's sake march and make your voice seen, but don't think the institutions who are hell bent on violence are watching you.

An open letter to #NickyMorgan, MP - by Jennifer Bailey

Dear Ms Morgan

No doubt you know the internet is all abuzz with your name today. No doubt you know what people think (not just the 'bad' teachers - but the ex-teachers, the parents, the home educating families, the EY practitioners, the governors...) of your successor and no doubt you have got some pretty specific instructions from your boss on how to behave in your new role...


In pursuit of happiness

I left the UK with a need to make peace with myself and my history tucked neatly under my desire to help others.

I knew I had more to learn than I had to teach but what I have realised is the clichéd classic, what I was searching for I already had.

I wanted to find a way to feel my happiness again, to be able to listen to my Truth more clearly. I wanted to leave my demons behind, and as Toni Morrison so eloquently put it "If you wanna fly, you've got to give up the shit that's weighing you down.".


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