I doth protest

Don't go on a demonstration against conflict and then come and bitch to me about how much you hate that bloke at work.

Marching against war isn't enough. We need to take actions towards peace.

Go and build a bridge with that person you know you've wronged. Open the door to an apology to someone you feel has wronged you. Because if you can't do that, how do you expect someone to forgive someone else for murdering their family?

March. For God's sake march and make your voice seen, but don't think the institutions who are hell bent on violence are watching you.

An open letter to #NickyMorgan, MP - by Jennifer Bailey

Dear Ms Morgan

No doubt you know the internet is all abuzz with your name today. No doubt you know what people think (not just the 'bad' teachers - but the ex-teachers, the parents, the home educating families, the EY practitioners, the governors...) of your successor and no doubt you have got some pretty specific instructions from your boss on how to behave in your new role...


In pursuit of happiness

I left the UK with a need to make peace with myself and my history tucked neatly under my desire to help others.

I knew I had more to learn than I had to teach but what I have realised is the clichéd classic, what I was searching for I already had.

I wanted to find a way to feel my happiness again, to be able to listen to my Truth more clearly. I wanted to leave my demons behind, and as Toni Morrison so eloquently put it "If you wanna fly, you've got to give up the shit that's weighing you down.".

21st January 2014

It was a beautiful morning, the day you weren't born.
The fog sat heavy, not wanting to let the day in and make me have to let you go.

In the close echo of walking through a cloud, I looked for you that morning
     In the ripples of the river
     In the movement of the leaves
     In the child who ran ahead
          and disappeared around a corner.

Freelance Christmas

It is that time of year when we start racking our brains for things to buy people for reasons of seasonal cheer. Or diverting ourselves trying to figurine out if it is wracking or racking. Don't tell me, pedantry gets you kicked off my Xmas list quicker than nicking a reindeer from Santa.

Anyway, instead of getting all confused and frustrated by the whole affair, I thought it would be a lot nicer if I knew I was supporting friends and their projects, so I asked Twitter if any of you are selling things which you might like to tell me about.

Eating my words

She got into a fight this morning

She does most mornings. Her belly says it's hungry and she tries to devise a new way to stifle the noise with the smallest amount of food. Today will be the day. Today will be a day of no food and there can be less of her.

More than words

Last night someone dropped into conversation that they had been "Facebook raped" and I tripped up.

Today someone tweeted that banks were "the people who arse rape my money" and I arched with pain.

They're just words, right? No one really means any harm. They're just words.

Only words can be powerful and they create strong images.

Last night someone compared forgetting to log out of a website to sexual violation real life people have to endure every day.

Peace is a possibility

I'm here to talk to you about the essential role each of us can play in achieving world peace.

Hello. My name is Anna. I take photographs of civil disobedience. This has lead me to cultivate a brilliant ability to be in the wrong place at the right time. 

I'd like to propose the big idea that peace is a possibility, rather than something we should write on T-shirts and forget about or just an excuse for war, but a real tangible option.  

We are 100% responsible for our reactions to every  interaction. With this we write our own script. 


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